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'''Julián Bonequi''' (born December 27, 1974 ) is a Mexican people|Mexican artist working mostly with Noise and Improvisation and 3d computer graphicsSpringerlink []''Articulated Motion and Deformable Objects'',Springer Berlin / Heidelberg He plays the drums, and experiments with electronics and voice to create a rhythmic environment much richer in atmospheres and harmonic flow situations. He played in the FOCO Orchestra (Orquesta FOCO - Madrid) (2006-2011), and create with Dave Tucker (drummer)|Dave TuckerPax Recordings. [ Dave Tucker] ''Take a word of a madman'', Composer.All About Jazz. [ Music Improvisation] ''Dave Tucker'', Biography. and Ricardo Tejero the project...
Birth name| alias = Julian Bonequi
Birth date{{birth date and age|1974|12|27}}
Death date| origin = Mexico City, Mexico
InstrumentDrums, Vocals, Electronics
Occupationmusician, 3d artist|sonor artist
Years active1995 – present
LabelAudition Records, Discordian Records, Re:konstruKt Istanbul, Radical Matters, Jazzorca Records, Musea, Surrism-Phonoethics, AMP Records, Mandorla, Headphonica, Audioatalaia
Associated actsUltraspießer, Berlin Improvisers Orchestra, Machinations of Joy, Orquesta FOCO, Los Idiotes, Decibel, Pandillismo.
Notable instrumentsDrums, Vocals, Amplifier|Amplification
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